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Erosion Control Project Example: High-Tension Power lines:

Utilities consist of water lines, high-tension power lines and tank farms.

Often, the right-of-ways utility lines pass through must traverse rivers, creeks and streams.  These crossings are very susceptible to erosion, especially during high water, high velocity events.  Er-Con Technologies has, for more than 30 years, been able to protect the utility infrastructure from being impacted from the effects of such erosion. 

The importance of our country’s aging infrastructure is taken for granted by the general public until disasters or tragedies occur.  Er-Con Technologies is a company prepared to address the needs of the utility companies so such events don’t happen.  Not only is being proactive cost-effective, it is also a fantastic business model, keeping the public and the government content.

With input from our client, Er-Con Technologies’ internal design committee considers all project and site-specific issues which include the life span of the asset being protected, regulatory requirements (local and federal), concerns of landowners adjacent to the area of remediation, and all other aspects of the project.

Please feel free to contact us for additional questions you might have regarding our technologies and how Er-Con Technologies can assist you in your erosion problem needs.

Some of our erosion control projects, involving water lines, high-tension power lines and tank farms:

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