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Our Latest Erosion Control Projects

Palisade River Training System: Proctor Creek, Fulton County, GA

The natural flow of the creek had encroached into the pipeline right-of-way. This natural lateral migration caused approximately 120’ of pipeline to become exposed following high velocity events in conjunction with the normal flow and erosion of the creek bed and bank. This type of exposure clearly threatens the integrity of the pipeline, but more importantly, the health of the downstream environment. Click here to see how Er-Con Technologies addressed the lateral migration. 

River Training System

System 21 Pipeline Protection Mat: Dowlin Forge Road, Chester County, PA

General bed scour over the years left this 8” pipe exposed to the elements. The pipe was at risk of rock impact during high velocity events. The client requested an environmentally friendly pipeline protection option that would protect the line with minimal impact to the ambient environment. The picturesque site mandated high environmental attention to maintain aesthetic integrity. Click here to see how Er-Con Technologies rectified the bed degradation.

Pipeline Protection Mat

Palisade River Training System: Casey Creek, Adair County, KY

Recent high velocity flow events along the creek caused excessive and unexpected lateral migration into the pipeline ROW. In a single event, 20’ of additional pipeline was exposed and extended the amount of free span. The migration trend of the river was threatening and additional 100’ of the pipeline ROW. The aggressive degradation of the bank made this project an urgent repair. Such exposures threatens the pipeline integrity and the health of the downstream environment. Click here to see how Er-Con Technologies resolved the lateral migration. 

River Training System

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A dynamic and environmentally-friendly technology designed to protect assets in, and along, various water systems. The principle of the system is to slowly re-direct the energies of the migrating river... READ MORE

Flexible Concrete Revetment (FCR) Erosion Control

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ERCOFORM - Articulating concrete block mattresses

Ercoform™ mats form cable-reinforced articulating concrete block mattresses that resist erosive forces. Ercoform is our most commonly installed mattress, and protects pipelines from bed degradation... READ MORE


Eco-Flex™ articulating mats are an environmentally friendly alternative. Similar to Ercoform™, these mats include open cells to provide space for re-vegetation while offering protection against periodic high flows... READ MORE

SYSTEM 21 pipeline Erosion Control and protection

A versatile and eco-friendly approach to pipeline protection, it is designed for complete pipeline coverage within the creek bed utilizing Ercoform™, while promoting growth of local riparian vegetation... READ MORE


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