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Ercoform™ Articulating Grout Mat

The Ercoform grout mat system is a dual layer, tendon reinforced cellular container, fabricated to the site-specific requirements. Once the site preparation is complete, the system is then injected with a concrete mix designed to flow into and fill the Ercoform mat. The result is a high-strength protection that is flexible and conforms to the natural creek bottom and water current action. Unique features of this engineered system can be designed to compensate for years of future bottom and side slope degradation. 

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Available Ercoform™ PDF files (Please click on the file name to download or view the PDF): Ercoform; Ercoform Specifications Sheet

Eco-flex™ Articulating Grout Mat

Eco-Flex is another example of the utility of fabric forms. This configuration is known as Eco-Flex and it facilitates the return of natural vegetation. This product can be used in designs to accommodate the permitting agency's environmental requirements and the hydraulic requirements of the site as well as the need to provide slope protection.

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Available Eco-flex™ PDF files (Please click on the file name to download or view the PDF): Eco-Flex; Eco-Flex Specifications Sheet

System™ 21 Articulating Grout Mat

The System 21 mat is the integration of our two (2) other mat forms.  The System 21 uses the Ercoform grout mat along the bed of the project with Eco-flex lining the banks.  This allows for the vegetative re-growth aesthetics of the Eco-flex mats with the high-strength protection of Ercoform.  This technology is used where water velocities along the bank allow for installation of the re-vegetative mat. 

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Available System ™ 21 PDF files (Please click on the file name to download or view the PDF): Environmental Concerns

Flexible Concrete Revetment™

Our patented Flexible Concrete Revetment systems are used in uniquely engineered and designed erosion control soil stabilization systems. Because these systems are designed to vent hydrostatic pressure and flex under loads that would cause rigid structures to fail, the Er-Con Technologies approach provides a far more permanent solution. 

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Available Flexible Concrete Revetment™ PDF files (Please click on the file name to download or view the PDF): FCR Brochure; FCR 2-Tier Standard

Palisade™ River Training System

The patented Palisade™ system is a unique system designed to displace high velocity and turbulent flow away from the threatened riverbank and realign the flow by moving the maximum velocity thread to the end of the structures, thus halting river bank migration. Variable permeability allows the system to be tuned to site specific river velocities, cross section and sediment characteristics. For larger and more complex erosion problems, the Palisade™ system is a proven technology with incredible results.

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Available Palisade™ PDF files (Please click on the file name to download or view the PDF): Palisade Brochure

Pipe Supports

Pipe clamps offer cost effective support for pipelines in unusual situations where maintaining conventional cover has become impractical, where emergency support is needed while repair assessments take place, or even in cases where R.O.W subsidence threatens the pipeline integrity. We have the ability to design standard clamps for normal loads and high strength clamps for greater stresses. All are "diver friendly" for installation in deeper streams or rivers.  Pipe supports can be installed to stabilize any size pipe in any situation.

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Available Pipe Support Brochure PDF (Please click on the file name to download or view the PDF): Pipe Support Brochure

Pipeline Coating

Pre-Cast Articulating Block Mat

Articulating Block Mats are very useful in low velocity applications where the lighter weight of a pre-cast mat is acceptable and where the required equipment can access the project site. These mats are manufactured offsite and transported in sections to the job location for installation.
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Synthetic and Composite Permanent Turf Reinforcement Matting

Turf reinforcement matting systems are among the most recently accepted methods of managing moderate to low velocity flow events; and they do so with minimum impact on the environment. These products interlock with the root and stem structures of natural vegetation, dramatically increasing their resistance to shear stresses. Turf reinforcement is appropriate for small channels and slope protection on the high bank.
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Grid Reinforced Stabilization

Geogrid material with high tensile strength is embedded in select fill lifts. This material is placed at designed intervals to provide a superior method of soil reinforcement. Geo-grid soil reinforcement allows the reconstruction of slopes to any desired aspect ratio up to and including vertical walls.
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GEOTUBE® Containment System

GEOTUBE® containment systems are an innovative and environmentally friendly way to provide erosion protection. The GEOTUBE® containment system uses a woven geo-textile that is fabricated into a tube and can be filled with dredged or imported material. The GEOTUBE® containment system retains the fill material while allowing water to permeate through the tube wall. The tube's diameter and length can vary and is determined by the project requirements. A few of the possible applications of GEOTUBE® containment systems are groins, breakwaters, sand dune cores, containment dikes for dredging material, shoreline protection, wildlife habitat, wetland construction, and dewatering of fine grain material.
GEOTUBE® containment system is a registered trademark owned by Ten Cate Nicolon, Miratech Division.

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