Erosion Control: Civil

Project Examples: Flood Control Ditches, Ponds, Spillways, Outfalls and Slope Protection

Erosion control projects within the Civil category include ditches, ponds, spillways and general slope protection around both commercial and residential properties. The erosive power of water is seen anywhere water is able to move across and collect in. 


Er-Con Technologies is experienced in protecting residential and commercial properties from the effects of storm water erosion.  The creation of a Flexible Concrete Revetment (FCR) is usually the most effective measure in mitigating erosion along steep grades where various volumes of water pass.  Our FCR are extremely effective and can be designed to incorporate terraces and spaces for a variety of vegetation to help naturalize the area. 

With input from our client, Er-Con Technologies’ internal design committee considers all project and site-specific issues which include the life span of the asset being protected, regulatory requirements (local and federal), concerns of landowners adjacent to the area of remediation, and all other aspects of the project.

Please feel free to contact us for additional questions you might have regarding our technologies and how Er-Con Technologies can assist you in your erosion problem needs.

Some photos of our projects:

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