Erosion Control: The Er-Con Technologies' Advantage

What Separates Er-Con Technologies From The Others?


The two most common mistakes made in controlling erosion are (1) targeting efforts toward the result of the erosion rather than the causative agent and (2) inappropriately adapting simple “out of the textbook” solutions to complex situations.  Many of the subtleties are missed in this type design and will produce devastating flaws in the remediation efforts.  An appropriate design will result in minimal or no maintenance while eliminating high risk.

Each solution needs to be addressed as site specific.  A review of the site from both a geomorphic and a hydraulic point of view is necessary to determine the root cause.  Once established is it possible to design the best solution for the site, or if a remediation is even practical.  Many times doomed remediation attempts are directed at sites where the pipeline should be lowered.  Using Er-Con Technologies’ available resources and experience, we can frequently substantiate and safely extend the life of an existing crossing which represents a substantial asset.

Er-Con Technologies’ Process:

Step 1: Site Inspection and Evaluation- identify stream characteristics, site geometry, bed and bank material, lateral and vertical stability.

Step 2: Analysis of Contributing Factors- determine the geomorphic and hydraulic characteristics, the frequency of hydrologically significant events and evaluate the sediment transport capacity of the waterway.

Step 3: Remediation Evaluation and Design- our design team will evaluate the countermeasure viability, the projected stream response to the proposed remediation, the environmental impact and the overall cost-effectiveness.

Step 4: Recommendations and Proposal- Once these steps have been accomplished, a site-specific design is proposed that will address the erosion problem the best way our research has determined.  If desired, Er-Con Technologies offers turn-key installation of our product design.

How Er-Con Technologies Is Different:

  1. Mobile Crews – our crews are small (5-8 people), versatile and efficient, able to quickly adjust to changing weather events, and install the products in a timely and effective manner.
  2. Pump in Place – being able to pump our mats on-site guarantees a more effective and efficient implementation of our product.  Our crews are able to make adjustments to the mat at the site, can adjust the amount of fill in each pillow, neither of which is possible with pre-cast mats
  3. Support Local Economies – all equipment, supplies and, when needed, post-construction remediation work is needed, we contract out with the local community to make the project a success.
  4. Personalized Service – small company mean great customer service and relationships

Implementation – The Construction  Process

erosion control: safety issuesEr-Con Technologies is the premier construction company, Its defining characteristic is our mats are sewn to be site-specific at our Houston location and pumped-in-place to guarantee the best remediation. This option is far superior to transporting a pre-cast product on 18 wheelers at a significant expense to the Client.  The crews then mobilize in work trucks loaded with the sewn mat and basic equipment needed for installation.  Coordination with local companies allows for incredible freedom, flexibility and mobility, adding to Er-Con Technologies’ superiority in its product and provision of erosion solutions.

Many of Er-Con Technologies’ construction team members have been employed by the company for over 10 years, making the crews effective and efficient. Er-Con Technologies is a safety conscious, licensed contractor with established ongoing programs to maintain specialty certifications and to expand our contractor knowledge base.

Monitor – Ensure the Product’s Construction

Er-Con Technologies is confident in the quality of our construction and the product’s ability to withstand high velocity events.  As an available option, Er-Con Technologies offers a post-construction monitoring program if requested.

Operational  Qualifications
Our Construction Crews are integral to Er-Con Technologies’ goals of successful project installation.  Er-Con Technologies fully demands safety in the workplace.  All of our construction crews are OQ Certified through Veriforce® and ISNetworld®. 

In addition to the standard training, select members of each crew are TWIC Card holders, have participated in defensive driving courses focused on construction equipment and railroad safety compliance

Additionally, select members of each crew are TWIC Card holders, have participated in defensive driving courses focused on construction equipment and railroad safety compliance.

Er-Con Technology’s goal is to provide our client’s with the best site-specific design that will protect their asset and protect the environment all while falling within the client’s financial constraints.

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