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We are the premier erosion control solutions company providing erosion protection on international projects and in nearly every state. Since 1970 , the solutions presented by Er-Con come with field-tested results and a promise to stand the test of time.

With more than 1,400 projects in 33 states and 4 countries. Er-Con has several proprietary designs and holds material patents making our technologies unlike that of our competition.

Today, Er-Con Technologies continues to create innovative designs and quality erosion remediation for a myriad of exposure problems. We recognize that every situation presents a unique set of problems and that no two sites can be treated exactly the same. Backed by the resources of an extensive service company, Er-Con Technologies successfully manages all phases of the most complex erosion control projects on a nationwide basis.

Er-Con Technologies specializes in installing engineered solutions to erosion problems. We are equipped to handle a range of problems that can be as simple as stabilizing a land slip threatening a residential property, to providing extensive support to a series of pipelines that has become suspended across a major river. Er-Con Technologies can help minimize both the risks associated with erosion and the costs associated with maintaining lasting protection.

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A dynamic and environmentally-friendly technology designed to protect assets in, and along, various water systems. The principle of the system is to slowly re-direct the energies of the migrating river... READ MORE

Flexible Concrete Revetment (FCR) Erosion Control

Revetments are an effective technology is most commonly used along banks with exceptionally steep grades and where head-cut are quickly eroding the soils. FCR’s channel the energies of the water and successful... READ MORE

ERCOFORM - Articulating concrete block mattresses

Ercoform™ mats form cable-reinforced articulating concrete block mattresses that resist erosive forces. Ercoform is our most commonly installed mattress, and protects pipelines from bed degradation... READ MORE


Eco-Flex™ articulating mats are an environmentally friendly alternative. Similar to Ercoform™, these mats include open cells to provide space for re-vegetation while offering protection against periodic high flows... READ MORE

SYSTEM 21 pipeline Erosion Control and protection

A versatile and eco-friendly approach to pipeline protection, it is designed for complete pipeline coverage within the creek bed utilizing Ercoform™, while promoting growth of local riparian vegetation... READ MORE


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