Er-Con Technologies is the premier erosion control company.   With over 30 years of successful experience in erosion protection, the solutions presented by Er-Con Technologies come with field-tested results and promise to stand the test of time.

Er-Con Technologies has been in business addressing erosion concerns for three decades having completed more than 1,400 projects in 33 states and 4 countries.  Er-Con Technologies has several proprietary designs and holds material patents making our technologies unlike that of our competition.

Today, Er-Con Technologies continues to create innovative designs and quality erosion remediation for a myriad of exposure problems. We recognize that every situation presents a unique set of problems and that no two sites can be treated exactly the same. Backed by the resources of an extensive service company, Er-Con Technologies successfully manages all phases of the most complex erosion control projects on a nationwide basis.

Er-Con Technologies specializes in installing engineered solutions to erosion problems.  We are equipped to handle a range of problems that can be as simple as stabilizing a land slip threatening a residential property, to providing extensive support to a series of pipelines that has become suspended across a major river. Er-Con Technologies can help minimize both the risks associated with erosion and the costs associated with maintaining lasting protection.

Our goal is to establish long-term client relationships.  We will not sell you what you do not need and we will not sell you something that will not work.  We will confidently stand behind our work. 

Er-Con Technologies is committed to safety, to the protection of the environment and to providing its customers with the best solution for their erosion problems.  Er-Con Technologies offers construction implementation and post-construction monitoring of the job site if desired.

A primary benefit to working with a small company is seen and experienced with its customer service and personal attention.
Er-Con Technologies’ staff is friendly and knowledgeable, available to help you find the best solutions available.


Provide our clients with the best solution set for their erosion problems and help them address the effects of the erosion rather than the fundamental cause...treating the symptoms but not curing the disease.  

Er-Con Technologies is a versatile construction/installation company aimed at protecting the assets of our clients.  We are experienced in the protection of oil and gas pipelines, utility lines, railroads, roads residential structures, infrastructure and have proven our abilities all across the country.

What is the key to Er-Con Technologies' success?

More than anything, Er-Con Technologies is a company that embodies sound work ethic, quality personnel and efficient, dedicated construction crews.  Our goal is not to finish the job quickly, but to finish the job correctly.  The last thing Er-Con Technologies wants to do it to visit the same site more than once.  In order to achieve this goal, Er-Con Technologies has a multi-faceted approach.  We make it our goal to:

  • Approach Problem from the Client’s Perspective
  • Determine Root Cause Analysis
  • Design without Product Bias Evaluate the construction site
  • Prepare the site for project installation
  • Synergistically and efficiently construct the remediation
  • Leave as little of a mark as possible
  • Stand behind our work
  • Establish Long-Term Client Relationship

Why Turn-Key Contracting?

  1. Cost of construction is evaluated as part of design
  2. Environmental impacts/regulation minimized
  3. Eliminates procurement costs
  4. Eliminates middle man during Project Management
  5. Fosters a partnering approach to solutions 
The goal of the Er-Con Technologies’ team is to install affordable, effective, time-proven erosion control measures, securing the client’s assets.